1. Try to maintain FOREST BLOCKS to prevent day litter from forests during summer season.
2. Try to put the fire out by digging or circle around it by water, if not possible to call a Fire bridge.
3. Move farm animals & movable goods to safer places.
4. During fire listen regularly to radio for advance information & obey the instructions cum advice.
5. Teach the causes and harm of fire to your family and others. Make people aware about forest fire safety.
6. Do not be scared when a sudden fire occur in the forest, be calm & encourage others & community to overcome the problem patiently.
7. Do apply seasonal mitigation measures i.e., fuel reduction etc.
8. Don’t throw smoldering cigarette butts or bidi in the forests.
9. Don’t leave the burning wood sticks in or near the forest.
10. Don’t enter the forest during the fire.
11. Discourage community to use Slash & Burn method

Become friendly with nature, Disaster will not occur in future