1. All your family members should know the safe routes to the nearest shelter/raised pucca house.
2. If your area is flood-prone, consider suitable flood-resistant building materials.
3. Tune to your local radio/TV for warnings and advice. Have an emergency kit ready.
4. Keep dry food, drinking water and clothes ready. Drink preferably boiled water.
5. Keep your food covered, don’t take heavy meals.
6. Do not let children and pregnant women remain empty stomach.
7. Be careful of snakes, as snake bites are common during floods.
8.Pack warm clothing, essential medication, valuables, personal papers, etc. in waterproof bags, to be taken with your emergency kit.
9. Raise furniture, clothing, and valuable onto beds, tables, and in the attic.
10. Turn off the main electricity power supply. Do not use electrical appliances, which have been in floodwater.
11. DO not get into the water of unknown depth and current. Do not allow children to play in, or near floodwater.

Become friendly with nature, Disaster will  most likely not occur in future