1. Make your house earthquake resistant and secure heavy furniture and objects
2.Choose a couple of family meeting place; pick easy to identify, open and accessible places that you can easily reach. Prepare to be selfsufficient for a minimum of three days.
3. If inside, stay inside.”DROP, COVER and HOLD! Drop under firm furniture. Cover as much of your head and upper body as you can. Hold onto the furniture. Move to an inside wall and sit with your back to the wall, bring your knees to your chest and cover your head. Stay away from mirror and window. Do not exit the building during the shaking.
4. If outdoors, move to an open area away from all structures, especially buildings, bridges, and overhead power lines.
5. objects and other hazards above and around you. Check yourself for injuries.
6. Anticipate aftershocks, especially if the shaking lasted longer than two minutes.
7. Stay out of damaged buildings. Listen to the radio or watch local TV for emergency information and additional safety instructions.

The crack of quake. All our hopes shake,