Action Plan For Flood/Flash Flood

Floods/ Flash floods are among the most common and destructive natural hazards causing extensive damage to infrastructure, public and private services, environment, and economy. Recurring floods/Flashfloods losses have handicapped the economic development of the State. The frequency and intensity of floods have grown in the State over the years primarily because of the unplanned development and increased encroachment of flood plains.

This demands for better flood preparedness to make sure that appropriate and effective response measures are taken during flood emergencies to minimize the loss of life and property. Apart from an effective disaster response system, it is important to have a good flood prevention and mitigation strategy to achieve the objectives of vulnerability reduction.

The Action Plan will consist of the following activities:

1. Response mechanism of the concerned line departments along with the roles and responsibilities

2. Declaration of Flood disaster

3. Flood Forecasting and Warning

4. Trigger mechanism

5. Relief

The detailed soft copy can be downloaded from the link below