Action Plan for Fire Accidents/Hazards

Fire service set up in any area is mainly based on population, response time, and risk hazard analysis. In the absence of risk hazard analysis, it would be improper to decide on the specific and special equipment required at a particular fire station. It should be based on a correct assessment of the possible and potential extent of the damage if the fire services do not have the concerned special equipment. There are, however, a certain set of equipment, which each fire station should mandatorily have. The plan also needs to be constantly reviewed on the basis of growing hazards and thus needs to be dynamic.

Fire accidents are quite common, especially in rural areas because of the following factors

1.Individual housing with the roof of thatch/grass/leaves and storage of straw/ hay in close proximity of the house

2) Lack of availability of adequate water and nil or poor equipments for firefighting especially in rural areas and small towns.

3) Lack of awareness of basic does and don’ts when people live in houses that uses inflammable materials

4) Human error or carelessness

The detailed soft copy can be viewed or downloaded from the link below