Changlang District is located in the south-eastern corner of Arunachal Pradesh. It has an area of 4662 and lies between the 26º40’to 27º 40’N Latitude and 95º11′ to 97º10’E Longitude.

Sub Divisions in Changlang District: (04 Nos.)

  • Changlang with Deputy Commissioner
  • Miao with Additional Deputy Commissioner
  • Bordumsa with Additional Deputy Commissioner
  • Jairampur with Additional Deputy Commissioner

Anchal Block in Changlang District: (07 Nos.)

  •  14/1         Bordumsa
  •  14/2         Diyun
  • 14/3          Miao
  • 14/4          Nampong – Rima Putok
  • 14/5          Manmao – Jairampur
  • 14/6          Khimyang
  • 14/7          Changlang

Circles in Changlang District: (13 Nos.)

  1. Changlang with Deputy Commissioner
  2. Miao with Additional Deputy Commissioner
  3. Bordumsa with Additional Deputy Commissioner
  4. Nampopng with Sub Divisional Officer
  5. Namtok with Extra Assistant Commissioner
  6. Jairampur with Additional Deputy Commissioner
  7. Kharsang with Circle Officer
  8. Manmao Extra Assistant Commissioner
  9. Diyun with Extra Assistant Commissioner
  10. Khimiyang Extra Assistant Commissioner
  11. Vijaynagar with Circle Officer
  12. Yatdam with Circle Officer
  13. Rima- Putok with Circle Officer
  14. Kantang with Circle Officer
  15. Renuk with Circle Officer
  16. Lyngok-Longtoi with Circle Officer

Distance of administrative centres from Changlang Headquarters:

Sl. No.PlaceDistanceMode of communication
 Changlang to Khimyang36 kmAPST
 Changlang to Manmao130 kmAPST
 Changlang to Jairampur90 kmAPST
 Changlang to Nampong105 kmAPST
 Changlang to Kharsang90 kmAPST
 Changlang to Miao112 kmAPST daily service
 Changlang to Vijoynagar (via Miao)269 kmAPST
 Changlang to Namtok56 kmAPST
 Changlang to Diyun (via Miao)149 kmAPST
 Changlang to Bordumsa105 kmAPST
 Changlang to Yatdam16 kmAPST
 Changlang to Rima – Putok120 kmAPST
 Changlang to Renuk146 km 
 Changlang to Lyngok-Longtoi120 km 

Physical Region:

The geographical region of the district has its distinct features. The place like Miao, Diyun, Bordumsa, Kharsang circle and few stripes of land in some parts of Changlang headquarter, are plain where as rest of the district is covered with hills. The altitude of hills varies from 200 m to 4500 m that generally slopes downward the northeast. The highest peak of the district is 4500m above sea level.

Climate, Temperature and rainfall

The climate of the district varies from place to place due to mountainous nature of the terrain. The areas located in lower elevation and in the valleys experience hot and humid climate in summer. The climate of the rest hilly areas is moderate and pleasant. The maximum temperature recorded is about 26.96 ºC and the minimum temperature recorded is 18.63ºC. The quantity of rainfall varies significantly at different places due to terrains. The average annual rainfall varies from 3800mm – 4866mm.